Mazda is working for the first electric car in 2020

Mazda is working feverishly to enriched its range for the first electric car with Toyota’s help. Following the launch of the first 100% electric Mazda on a common basis for both manufacturers, in 2020, Mazda will launch plug-in hybrid models, 2021 or 2022.

Also remember that JATO Dynamics ranked Mazda in the 15th place among the manufacturers and in terms of the average CO2 emission of its range for 2018, with 135.2 grams per kilometer, reduced by 4 G from 2017. By 2021, these numbers should be limited to 95 grams.

This Mazda first electric car delay, explained by Akira Marumoto, CEO of Japanese company, is due to the success of the company’s medium SUV, the CX-5 and the fall in sales to its smaller models, the Mazda 2 and 3.

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However, Akira Marumoto believes that diesel technology, coupled with hybrid technology, with electric motors, should continue to target consumers interested in SUVs. This is why the company is still busy with the evolution of a new generation of Turbo diesel engines.


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