Michelin and GM develops innovative air-free tires

The idea of innovative air-free tires is nothing new as various companies have previously presented futuristic prototypes. What is new? is the cooperation between Michelin and General Motors to finally bring these tires in production!  The new revolutionary tires are called “Uptis” which is an acronym – Unique Puncture-proof Tyre System.

As an idea, it resembles the Tweel we saw for the first time in 2005 and that means it consists of an elastic structure inside, made of rubber and a patented reinforcement of fiberglass and resin.

This innovative air-free tires structure is enclosed by a “conventional” tread that theoretically can be recharged with 3D printing technology and as the company mentions, just like a “normal” tire, Uptis can be adapted, both in the construction

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innovative air-free tires

As well as the tread eraser, for a wide variety of vehicles, from a small hatchback to a sports car. The only collaboration currently announced for Uptis, is the one with General Motors that will place this tire in a fleet of electric Chevrolet Bolt for testing in real conditions. From then on, and given that everything is going well, there is a forecast to go into production around 2024.


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