New Renault Zoe 2 is improved in all sectors

The France car maker unveiled the new Renault ZOE 2, in order to continue the success that mark its sales data in Europe. With non-revolutionary design, Renault designers created a new bottom grille that has some new chrome-plated new fog lights with a new LED projector equipment in all functions and daylight in the form of “C” with the same technology.

The dimensions are exactly the same as those of the outgoing model. The new rear lights are also LED. The color palette has been expanded, with nine options, including the new “Celadon Blue”, “Flame Red” and “White Quartz”, as well as five new designs of alloy wheels 15 to 17 inches in diameter.

New ZOE 2 presents specific details, such as the name of the model engraved on the front, the blue color of the diamond emblem which, in the case of the front, hides the charging port of the battery, with a type 2 Plug and A fast DC charger up to 50 kW.

The new ZOE has a stronger electric motor named R135 that delivers maximum power of 135 hp and generous performance along with a maximum autonomy of 390 km, thanks to a new battery with a capacity of 52 kWh, 20% longer in the same size Battery called “ZE50”.

It fully charges through 7kW Wallbox within 9 hours and 25 minutes. Within a charge time, the battery acquires autonomy of 126 km, while using a fast charger of 50 kW, it gains autonomy of 145 km within 30 minutes of charging.

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The center console continues to host the air conditioning controls, the Start button illuminated in blue, an inductive charging surface and two glasses for cups next to the electronic handbrake and the new electronic gear shift lever, A button with two available driving modes “B” and “D”, which slow down the first once you release the throttle pedal without having to press the brake, suitable for city and traffic.

The 0-100 km/h does it in less than 10 seconds, having a top speed of 140 km/h. The 80-120 km/h makes them in 7.7 seconds, 2.2 seconds faster than the previous generation Zoe.


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