New Tesla PickUp Truck will cost under $50,000

One of the most important electric cars expected to be unveiled in 2019 is the Tesla PickUp truck and particularly for America since the purchase of this vehicles is extremely popular. Elon Musk recently revealed that the price of PickUp truck will be under 50,000 dollars and specifically will be near the range of 49.000 dollars or less.

This means that it will be much cheaper than Rivian’s corresponding proposal since R1 starts at 69,000 dollars.  Of course in US the pick up have very affordable prices as an example of the Ford F-150 where it starts from the 29,000 dollars while the mighty F150 raptor costs close to 53,000 dollars.  Increased price that will have the Tesla pick-up in relation to conventional will be justified with the top features that will accompany the car.

New Tesla PickUp

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One of the most important features of the pure electric car will be the enormous autonomy it will offer where according to Musk it will reach 500 miles or more.  It can carry up to six passengers, it will have an electric motor per axle as well as innovative self-adjusting suspension.  It will also be able to park itself thanks to the use of the sophisticated autopilot while it has a 240 volt system that can supply power to other external tools.

As far as external design is concerned, nothing specific has been revealed to give how the pick-up is going to be, but a photo showing a mysterious vehicle on a car truck carrier is causing a lot of question marks.


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