Nissan created a pure electric powered, zero-emission prototype ice cream VAN, for “Clean Air Day” which is celebrated in the UK on June 20. To implement this project, Nissan collaborated with Macy’s of Scotland, a family-run dairy and ice cream company, powered by renewable energy sources.

Nissan ice cream van

The prototype VAN is based on E-NV200, Nissan’s pure electrically powered LCV. It is the embodiment of the Nissan electric ecosystem, combining a zero pollutant transmission system, storing energy in batteries with “life” second cycle and producing solar energy.

As the vehicle’s electric motor is powered by a 40kWh battery, the ice cream vehicle’s equipment, including a soft ice cream serving machine, freezer drawer and beverage cooler.

E-NV200 can travel up to 200 miles without charging (in a mixed WLTP cycle). The two units of Nissan Energy ROAM, have combined storage capacity of 1, 4 kWh and each can offer power up to 1kW.

They can be recharged either from a 230V power supply (a full charge takes about an hour), or from the array of a solar panel located on the roof of the truck (with full recharge in 2-4 hours).

The prototype truck sets a series of new approaches to the transportation and sale of ice cream. Ice cream is served by a safety deposit box that opens to the side of the vehicle, with the vending system located next to the truck.

The prototype VAN has a smart button that creates a tweet of its exact location using the global address service of What3Words. This means that customers can easily find the exact location of the truck in a park or near the sea, i.e. there is no normal street name. Next step is to order your ice cream!


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