Renault For Russia concept features a interior fireplace

The prototype vehicle you see is not Renault itself, but follows the steps of EZ models with radical design. This creation, simply named Renault for Russia concept, by the independent designer Artyom Trofimenko, is characterized by an electric motor and autonomous movement.

Renault for Russia prototype has a four-seat layout with two rows of seats that see each other. In the center of the cabin there is a small electric fireplace while the floor is covered with blue LED lights, giving the vehicle a very futuristic tone and giving us a look at how we could change the interior design in the near future.

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As the prototype does not have a steering wheel, instrument dashboard and traditional measuring instruments, there is a retractable display in the cabin where one can see the information vital to the vehicle, including speed and navigation. There is also a glass table that sits on top of that fireplace – completely unrealistic, but a nice touch anyway.


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