Tesla Model 3 acceleration up to final speed

Bjørn Nyland continues the informative videos for Model 3, and the point here is the top speed of Performance version.

The pure electric Sedan of Tesla, Model 3, stands out because it offers impressive performances at 0-100km/h (0-60mph), in motion, but also high top speed, which is directly comparable to the sports cars with internal combustion engine.

In the video below from YouTube channel Bjørn Nyland, you can see how long it takes the electric sedan to reach its final speed.

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Description from YouTube channel Bjørn Nyland :

1. Fractions of seconds are displayed in frames (25 fps). 1 frame = 40 ms.
2. “Skid” sounds at 6-7 seconds is not from the wheels spinning. It’s the sound when running over lane markings in Germany.
3. The car didn’t overheat. It restricted the power due to speed throttling. Listen to the fan sounds at the end. None.
4. This test was done on unrestricted German autobahn at night with no other cars on the road.
5. Yes, I know that your fossil car can go faster. But this is a €65k pure electric emission free mass produced Tesla Model 3 Performance. This car is still faster and quicker than at least 99.9 % of the fossil cars on the roads.
6. Yes, you are shocked that I spend 5 % for this run. But this is something that most EV drivers don’t do. For normal driving, 5 % will take you 25 km in 17 minutes. And then it takes only 1 minute and 10 seconds to recharge those 5 % back. This is a speed test. Understand?
7. It can fast charge way faster than you can eat or pee:
8. It can slow charge way faster and cheaper than fossil cars:
9. No, I will not use Track Mode. Track Mode is for driving on a closed track. Not for public roads.
10. If you have read everything until this point, it means that you’re not a diesel inhaling noob. Congratulations.
11. One more thing: kW = power, kWh = energy. If you run a 50 hp (37 kW) fossil car for 10 hours, it doesn’t mean that you have 500 hp. LOL

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