The FIA announced with every formality that the WRC (World Rally Car) of the future will incorporate what it calls “supplemental hybrid system” with spec components and software as a kind of transitional phase that will last from 2022 to 2025. Beyond that, the regulations will be opened to allow greater freedom in terms of electrical assistance.

WRC hybrid

According to the rationale of the FIA, the WRC hybrid system will not only provide an extra boost during the special routes, but it should be built-in in such a way as to be able to initiate the racing using exclusively electrical power On intermediate movements.

In other regulations that will apply in the near future, the FIA “freezes” the evolution of tyres from 2021 to 2024 to avoid a potential “war” that will skyrocket the cost.

The last regulation is of particular interest as it allows manufacturers to participate in the WRC with a race-car which on the merits will be a miniaturization of a larger (and probably most popular) car, providing new freedoms Regarding the marketing of companies.

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