A few weeks ago, Uber has announced its intention to test food delivery through Drones. Now, the company has made a formal decision and will carry out test shipments in the San Diego region of the United States.

Uber food delivery

Of course, the Uber food delivery drones will not arrive outside the customer’s door, but will land on specific/predetermined locations, from which the courier will receive the order and then deliver it to the buyers.

Uber has already established co-operation with McDonalds and hopes that more chains will be included in its test program. The Uber Eats works with hundreds of restaurants, but in the case of an order transfer through drone, the situation seems to be changing.

For the record, the transfer price of the order via drone will not be any different from that of the classic delivery. This means that the residents of San Diego will be able “fearlessly” to choose the new way of shipping, receiving their food from a courier who in turn will be receiving it from a drone.

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