Volkswagen announced the ID.3 battery warranty

Volkswagen announced that the battery of the new pure electric powered ID.3 will be covered by a warranty of 8 years or 160,000 km. It also states that its battery after that time will retain 70% of its capacity.

At the same time, it stresses that it has worked to ensure that the battery life is equal to that of its conventional models.The production of ID.3 will start before the end of this year, it is the first model of the family electric ID, while it will be offered with three different battery whose autonomy will range from 330 to 550 km. (WLTP).

In this way one can choose the battery for ID.3 depending on how many km is going through on a daily basis, and it makes sense that the purchase cost fluctuates depending on the battery.

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From a fast charger the battery of the new ID.3 within about 30 minutes will give autonomy 260 km. Volkswagen estimates that the battery will be charged at a rate of 50% at home and 20% in the workplace.

For this reason it will offer a new range of wall box that can be installed in homes and businesses with a charge capacity of up to 11 kilowatts reducing the charging time compared to the conventional current of 220 Volt.


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