Watch Renault TREZOR review by Supercar Blondie

At the motor show in Paris in October 2016, Renault presented the impressive prototype Renault TREZOR, a study not only on the aesthetic forms that will be followed in future by the company, but also in its overall philosophy. In the video that follows from YouTube channel Supercar Blondie, you can see the famous YouTuber to be impressed by the electric hypercar of Renault.

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Description from YouTube channel Supercar Blondie :

This is the Renault TREZOR and it took me two years to track down this amazing car! The top of the car resembles the female form and the bottom, the male form. Chief Designer Laurens, says when the roof is closed, it’s like the two forms interlock. This car is all about romance. This is a one-off model from the manufacturer. Don’t you think this is one of the sexiest cars ever made?

Renault TREZOR

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