Electric supercar Lotus Evija will reveals in few days

Electric supercar Evija will be the first truly new model of Lotus since 2008 and will be based on a carbon fibre, monocoque frame that will be manufactured in Hethel, away from the company’s main production line.

According to the information so far, particular emphasis has been placed on the aerodynamics of the car, with two large tunnels running its length on the floor and the shape of a drop to ensure optimum airflow around the bodywork.

The battery will be positioned behind the passenger compartment and will be powering a powertrain that has evolved from Williams Advanced Engineering. Lotus has confirmed that it will produce just 130 Evija, slightly increasing planned production as “several hundred prospective owners expressed their interest in the new car”, while its price is expected to reach 7-digit Numbers due to exclusivity, performance, technology and philosophy.

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Patience for a few days since on July 16th will be the revelation of the new electric supercar Evija by Lotus.

Description from YouTube channel Lotus Cars :

Launching in London on 16.07.19, the world’s first British EV hypercar will be called the Lotus EVIJA (“Ee-vi-ya” – meaning “first in existence”). It marks the start of an exciting new chapter in the history of the iconic British sports car brand. Find out more about EVIJA and follow the story at https://lotuscars.com/model/evija

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