Fast chargers from Motor Oil at specific stations in Greece

The plan foresees the placement from Motor Oil of the ultra-modern fast chargers of the German ABB, Terra 54 High Voltage (as 900 V), at selected petrol stations of Motor Oil, in collaboration with the energy provider NRG-company that also belongs to Motor Oil.

The ABB Charger Terra 54 High Voltage is compatible with all internationally certified protocols, supports charging with DC voltage (CCS and CHAdeMO) and charging with alternating voltage AC (type 2).

It has the ability to charge an electric car at 80% in 20 minutes (indicative price, depends on battery capacity primarily), which is vital for an electric vehicle to travel farther than its autonomy.

In the case of the motorcycle, where in general the batteries are much smaller in capacity than those of cars, the small charging time is critical parameter for its usability in real conditions. It has a touch screen with Greek and English menus, graphical display of battery level and charging path.

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It also has integrated connectivity services (Connected services), allowing remote control by the company, while complying with international safety standards, such as EMC Class B for safe operation at petrol stations. This is an important step towards the development of a network capable of fully supporting the electric movement in Greece.


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