Gogoro Goshare network for electric scooters sharing

GoShare will name the new network rental electric scooters and now it is not necessary to have someone an electric scooter of Gogoro to enjoy the benefits of vehicles and the innovative Battery Exchange network available. In view of the launch of its projects, the company has revealed that GoShare is designed to allow riders to rent a Gogoro electric scooter and use its stations.

So far Gogoro sold its electric scooters directly to customers and exclusively to Taiwan, where the company possesses an impressive market share. In total, Gogoro holds 97% of the local market in electric scooters 17% of the market of all Taiwan vehicles, including gas-powered vehicles.

Gogoro Goshare network

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The new Gogoro GoShare network program will allow riders to rent the Gogoro scooters, just like the electric scooters of other big companies such as Bird and Lime. The main difference is that the scooters of Gogoro are it’s not a simple electric scooter and are constantly replenished with the help of special stations.

The first test for the GoShare program will be held in Tauyuan, Taiwan, and includes around 1,000 scooters.


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