Honda e interior has five screens across its dashboard

The new compact urban and purely electrically powered model of Honda e in its interior is distinguished mainly for its high-tech features, minimalism, advanced connectivity, modern yet hospitable environment.

Along the dashboard there are a total of five screens. At both ends, the screens that display the image recorded by the lateral external cameras, which replace the traditional mirrors, are positioned ergonomically.

In dashboard the driver has a digital instrument panel with a 8.8-inch TFT display in which he can monitor basic vehicle information such as battery charge and autonomy level, selected driver and various other Security features. Right now of the digital instrument panel we face two 12.3 inch LCD touch screens of the multimedia system.

Honda e interior

The content they view is customizable, and on one screen The wizard can, for example, track the navigation instructions, while the other screen passenger to search for a music playlist.

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Through the “Honda Personal Assistant” The driver can handle voice commands to the multimedia system, which uses artificial intelligence and can answer questions. As long as the driver starts his sentence by saying “OK Honda”. At the connectivity level for smartphones solution gives the apple CarPlay and Android Auto, while there is access to the Internet via Honda’s Wi-Fi hotspot.


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