What condition is this Tesla Model 3 after 1 year of use?

The sales of Model 3 began at the end of 2017 but very quickly was built on the top of consumer preference, and is soon approaching to surpass the 300,000 deliveries in the last 20 months.

But not at all strange since the affordable Tesla combines performance, excellent autonomy, attentive quality, Autopilot, functionality, and high technology in one package.

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In the Video that follows from YouTube channel Model3man you can see impressions after 1 year of Model 3 ownership.

Description from YouTube channel model3man :

I can hardly believe it’s now been over a year that I’ve owned and driven Red Dragon – my Tesla Model 3. Here’s one thing I found: those issues I considered important on the day I took ownership of the car are NOT the things I now consider top of my list.So, what IS important to me as I celebrate the first year of ownership?
My perspective has certainly changed! If you’re out there wondering whether or not to get a Model 3, and you’re not sure if it’s the right thing to do, you will definitely find value in my take on the car after owning and driving it more than a year!
To all of you who have ALSO owned a Model 3 for a year now, please feel free to comment on your own feelings and opinions that characterize the way you feel about this magical flying spaceship-car beloved by so many!

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