NeuWai revealed electric motorcycles and scooters

Korean company NeuWai wants to present something innovative in electric motorcycles and scooters.

Songuo Motors is the parent company (automaker) and the name NeuWai is a distinctive brand that created for the production of passenger cars, vans, SUVS, motorcycles and scooters that will have technological innovations and will They’re mostly electric or hybrid.

Twelve new vehicles were presented in the recent salon Seoul Motor Show 2019 and the production of the first model (four wheel) will start in 12 months. NeuWai introduced two electric scooters that are not lacking in innovation in the appearance part.

The prototypes NeuWai CN104 and CL104 “wear” distinct look, somewhat new retro for the CN 104 and slightly more fashionable for the CL 104 (in blue) reminiscent of a little classic, well-known Honda Fusion/Spazio.

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According to company announcements, finishing, application of plastics and quality of construction will be high, while both will be powered by the same electric motor. Their final speeds will be 45 or 90 km/h, depending on the version.

So, if the Koreans are looking for an entrance to the scooters and motorcycles, then maybe someday we’ll see more scooters on the streets of NeuWai company. If we turn back time, Hyundai can show us the way to success.


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