New Renault Captur E-TECH is hybrid and plug-in

New plug-in hybrid version Captur E-TECH, for the first time in a Renault vehicle, had to give the necessary impetus for its success to continue. Was the best selling car in its class in France and Europe, with more than 1.2 million units sold in more than 70 countries around the world since its debut in 2013.

To meet the goal, Renault engineers who worked on this hybrid Plug-in E-TECH system were based on three pillars: the Alliance, the know-how in electric vehicles manufactured by Renault for more than 10 years and The Renault F1 Team experience. 

The alliance provided the majority of the data for this system, along with the ability to optimize its modus operandi. Thus, the 1.6-litre internal combustion engine has been equipped with a petrol particulate filter to reduce its pollutant emissions.

Captur E-TECH plug-in

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Renault’s know-how in electric vehicles has contributed to the smooth, quiet operation, as well as to the dynamic response of the vehicle, which always starts in electrical operation. It has also optimised energy recovery phases through a special braking system.

Finally, with the entrance of the Renault F1, the hybrid Plug-in E-TECH has an innovative gearbox without clutch (dog-clutch), which ensures greater energy efficiency in shifting gears. Thanks to all this, the brand new Plug-in Captur E-TECH records in its class: 45 km in electrical operation in a mixed cycle and about 65 km in urban use.

Thus, if the batteries are recharged every night, they can be operated all week without the gasoline indicator falling. And on longer routes, when it reaches the electrically permissible range, the brand new Plug-in E-TECH Captur continues to operate in hybrid mode.


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