New Renault Zoe in Andros Trophy 2019-2020

The Dubourg Racing announced that it will take part in the new French Andros Trophy championship with the new Renault Zoe. The next season of the famous race has already started, at least back backstage.

Apparently, it doesn’t have many similarities to the Renault Zoe production model. Like all cars aligned with the Andros Trophy, it is a silhouette, namely a tubular frame, that takes the characteristics of the known car.

Renault ZOE Andros Trophy

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Dominique Dubourg, head of the DA Racing Team, said: “To capitalize on the support of a large manufacturer such as Renault is the recognition of all work and we can be proud of the trust we have in Development of the new ZOE for the ice games. After victories in the last four years, we are ready for the new challenge “.

The 2019-2020 season of Andros Trophy will start at Val Thorens on 7 and 8 December 2019.


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