Norway wants to promote its plan for the development of a new kind of ecotourism with vehicles that are friendly to it.

One in three electric cars sold in Europe have been purchased in Norway. It is not surprising that at the moment in Norway the number one car in sales is electric and more specifically the Tesla Model 3. With such penetration in electric vehicles Norway had to organised the respective infrastructures quickly.

Norway ecotourism

Thus, along the main road networks of the country, the charging stations of electric vehicles are constantly popping up. The private companies that have undertaken this project are trying to place on the streets a charging station per 50 km.

Their priority is to place charging stations in the road networks of areas that are winter or summer tourist destinations. In addition to the roads, charging stations are constantly being created in smaller and larger hotels, even in AirBnb homes!

Norway wants in this way to promote its plan for the development of a new kind of ecotourism which will include the browsing and enjoyment of the natural environment with vehicles that are friendly to it.

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For this purpose it has motivated the car rental companies to acquire electric vehicles and at the same time facilitates tourists in the use of charging stations by developing a simple relevant application for mobile phones.

The effort to rapidly evolve in a country of use of electric cars has caused some side effects. Significant discounts on the transportation prices of electric vehicles with ferries have hit the ferry owners who complain.

The tax exemptions in the electric car market have created a grey area which is exploited by some people who buy a cheap electric vehicle in Norway and then resell it to a higher price in another European country.

Also, the right of electric vehicles to move freely in bus lanes causes delays in routes and generally in the way public transport works. Finally, the free parking reduces the revenues of the municipalities who also complain.

The Norwegian government is now trying to balance the situation by taking new decisions covering some of the demands of those who complain but the main objective remains the same: the one who travels all over the country and enjoys the its natural beauties should prefer an electric car.


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