Shortage of electric vehicle chargers are currently observed in Oslo, Norway.

In Norway 48.4% of registrations of new cars in the first half of 2019 corresponded to electric models, thus surpassing any previous record. Tesla Model 3 recorded most of the sales, earning only a 13% share in the Norwegian market.

Oslo electric vehicle

The Norwegian shift towards this movement technology is perfectly reasonable, since from 2025 onwards, vehicles with internal combustion engines will not be allowed to be classified in Scandinavian countries.

So the Norwegian state has been preparing for this change for a few decades to make the transition from petrol and oil to electricity without any major problems. Since 2012, a program for the development of Electric drive has been put in place in Norway, which includes a large fan of major incentives.

There are currently over 200,000 electric vehicles on the Norwegian roads with the entire fleet amounting to 2.7 million. Cuts, but the trend is upward for green models. Of course, the explosive increase in the number of electrically powered vehicles has caused some particular problems in Norwegian cities.

For example, bus drivers complain about the space that prevails in bus lanes, because from 2005, the use of electric models is permitted. Also, since the beginning of 2019 it has become difficult, to find a empty space for battery charger unit, although in the Norwegian capital there are over 1,300 such devices.

Until recently, it was charging at these points for free, now stands at 1.00 euros per hour during the day, in order to reduce a bit of overcrowding. Further benefits of vehicles with alternative forms of energy are gradually being started and overturned.

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