Renault announced prices for new ZOE in Germany

Available for order from the end of July, the Renault new ZOE 2 starts from 23,900 euros in Germany. Although prices for France have not yet been announced, the prices of the new Renault ZOE ZE 50 are now official for the German market.

The entry level version, LIFE, is 23,900 euros excluding the rental of the battery, or 2000 euros more than the previous ZE 40 and the battery 41 kWh remaining on the list.

new ZOE Germany

Equipped with a new 52 kWh battery with a theoretical range of 390 km in the WLTP cycle, the new Renault ZOE is available in two more levels of equipment in Germany. In the Experience version, the electric vehicle is offered with two engine options: sold 24,900 euros, the basic version wears the engine R110 (80 kW), while the most powerful version (R135 – 100 kW) costs + 1000 euros.

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Available only with the R135 engine, the most premium version (INTENS) is available from 27,900 euros. The prices in full package with the battery is €31.990 for the ZOE ZE version 50 LIFE, €32.990 for the ZOE ZE 50 EXPERIENCE and €35.990 for the version ZOE ZE 50 INTENS. Prices include an eight-year warranty or 160,000 miles of battery up to 66% of the original charging capacity.


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