It is the biggest windturbine ever built and GE plans to start testing so it is ready to provide clean energy where needed.

In the installation of the two Towers for the installation of the pilot wind turbine offshore type Haliade-X 12 MW proceeded the company GE Renewable Energy in Rotterdam, Holland. According to a relevant announcement of the company, in the 3rd phase will proceed to the installation of the wind power Conversion mechanism (nacelle) once he arrives sometime in the summer.

We should note that the two towers were built in Seville, Spain, while the mechanism and fins “came out” from the factories of Saint-Nazaire and Cherbourg, in France, respectively. The completion of the pilot wind turbine installation is expected to be completed during the summer, and then the necessary tests and tests for this operation will be carried out.

biggest windturbine GE

At the beginning of the operation, the aim is to gather the necessary data for the acquisition of certification, an important step before the serial production of the wind turbine in 2021, always according to the relative timetable set by the Company.

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