The Chinese Aiways U5 will come to the IAA Frankfurt 2019… by road!

Chinese Aiways U5 is ranked in the medium SUV category – In dimensions It is about as much as an Audi Q5 or a BMW X5 – while, its great advantage is its new, full-scale platform, which uses aluminum and steel materials.

In particular, two purely electric U5 were launched from China and hoping, that by the end of September and after 14,231 kilometres they will be able to attend in the new models of international car show in Frankfurt.

Chinese Aiways U5

The U5 has a autonomy that after a full charge reaches 460 kilometres while it can reach 560 kilometers, if the customer chooses to get an additional battery pack, according to Aiways.

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Chinese Aiways U5 electric model has a plethora of electronic devices that support the vehicle’s connectivity, and includes the most familiar assistive systems, which should now be brought to stand against European competition.

As for their journey, from China to Germany, the two electric cars will go through the Gobi Desert, Kazakhstan, Russia and will end up in Europe in September, to be in the big car show in Germany.

Indeed, in the long-day journey will be also engineers of the Chinese company, which will record the performance of the electrical system, the performance of batteries in different weather conditions etc.

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