Toyota, BYD cooperation for new electric vehicles

As part of the transition to the upcoming era of electrification Toyota announces cooperation with BYD for the joint development of electrically powered vehicles.

In more detail, it was disclosed that Toyota and BYD’s goal is to construct together sedan and SUV vehicles purely electrically powered models, but also the batteries that they will use. Their launch will be on the Japan market with the Toyota brand within the first half of 2020.

Toyota BYD cooperation

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Among the products developed by BYD itself are the main parts of electrically powered vehicles, such as batteries, electric motors and power electronics. In 2008 became the first company in the world to sell mass-produced plug-in hybrid vehicles.  Since 2015 the pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles of BYD occupy the first place in the world.

Toyota and BYD’s common goal through the wider proliferation of electrically powered vehicles is to reduce C02 emissions in the atmosphere and limit global warming.


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