Toyota revealed electric micro-bus for the Olympic Games

Toyota it will product 200 electric micro-bus, which will be available for spectator movements – and not only.

The vehicles are named Accessible people Mover (APM) and as their name testifies, they are “flexible” carriers of persons who will be on the initiative of Toyota by the organizers of the Olympic and Paralympic Games of Tokyo For the respective travel needs of workers, spectators and athletes on short distances in the city of Tokyo.

Toyota electric micro-bus

Toyota electric micro-bus will include a seating arrangement in three rows, which will be accessible on both sides.  The Toyota APM Basic Model will be able to facilitate disabled, elderly, pregnant and even families with young children. In the first row will be the driver’s seat, with the second row having three seats and the third two, allowing total movement of six people, including the driver.

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Toyota electric micro-bus

With safety in mind, the driver’s seat will be elevated and centrally in order to allow the operator to see the passengers and to support the people entering/exiting the vehicle. Also in matters of emergency, half the space occupied by the second and third row of seats is covered by a bench where it will be possible to transport patients or injured persons.


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