YAMAHA EC-05 : The Japanese in electric scooters

On June 27, 2019, in the city of Iwata, Japan, Yamaha Motor Co. announced the presentation of the Yamaha EC-05, an electric scooter that will be originally released in Taiwan from August 1, 2019.

Designed by Yamaha Motor and based on the platform of a Gogoro model, the EC-05 will be sold with Yamaha brands via the sales network of the local Yamaha Motor Taiwan affiliate.

Taiwan was chosen by Yamaha for two reasons: because the public there is trained in high-quality electromoving products, but mainly because the local Gogoro has an extensive network of battery exchange stations. The scooter leaves the battery empty and gets a charged, low cost.

Yamaha EC-05 electric

The Yamaha EC-05 electric will be able to use the more than 1,200 Gogoro battery replacement stations called GoStation and installed in Taiwan from the Gogoro Energy Network. The construction of the EC-05 will be undertaken by Gogoro.

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The company’s goal is to sell the first year 20,000 units – a reasonable number for the strong Taiwanese market – with the scooter performing like a conventional 125, to have two detachable batteries and to be able to reach the speed of 90 km/h, weighing 126 pounds.


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