BICAR : Light electric tricycle emission-free vehicle

The BICAR electric tricycle is a bit like a philosophy in the BMW C1 and promises to be a scooter ideal for use in the city. As an idea, BMW was first launched to the stage of scooters, when it presented even in the designs a covered BMW C1, electric with three wheels.

Its creators actually bet on BWM C1 and say that the Bicar wants to make the same impression on the public, although C1 did not manage to become the scooter that was appreciated by a lot of people.

But a scooter with a roof has its advantages, where the company Govecs (which in addition to making E-Schwalbe) is currently working on a new electrically powered C1.

A similar, albeit not so powerful model, was created by the University of Applied Sciences of Zurich (ZHAW), and for the realization of the project, after the presentation of the first original models, a new company was established under the name “Share your Bicar “.

The scooter was presented at this year’s Geneva Motor lounge and was already quite close to the production model, which will soon be built pilot and from 2020 will be in production in larger quantities.

BICAR electric tricycle
BICAR electric tricycle

The electric motor is brushless on the rear wheel and can accelerate the scooter up to 45 km/h. So the tricycle Bicar is categorized as a light vehicle (L2e), so in Europe it can be driven by car driver licence holders.

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The battery provides a range of up to 60 kilometres, weighs 6.1 kg and can be charged in a household outlet. The scooter can only be used as a car – there is no room for passenger because of the design. When driving, the rider must be fastened with a three-point belt. So the tricycle Bicar can be driven without a helmet – which we would not recommend.

The company, which is start-up, is seeking new investors and partners to further promote the project, at a time when the tricycle Bicar will cost Switzerland more than 7,000 francs, i.e. about 6,300 euros.


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