Electric luxury SUV HiPi 1 from Human Horizon

Human Horizon is a start-up company from China and electric luxury SUV HiPi 1 is the first in the magical world of electric cars. The point of reference in the 6-seater SUV was the artificial intelligence technology that gives the vehicle the ability to adapt during its movement to both the environment and the individual requirements of its passengers.

Externally, the element that steals the interest is the design of the doors – and especially the rear, that span the roof. Inside, the eye magnetized from the 9 screens where their total surface amounts to 50 inches, as well as the six-seat layout. According to Human Horizon, HiPi1 will be offered in several editions.

electric luxury suv
Electric luxury SUV HiPi 1 from Human Horizon

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The larger, and obviously more expensive, will be supplied with a 96 kWh battery, which will ensure a range of 640 km of traffic, according to the “old” for the European Data Protocol NEDC. The two electric motors of the vehicle, with unknown for the time performance, will have the ability to accelerate the HiPi 1 from stop to the first 100 km/hour in time 3.9 sec.

The aim for HiPi 1 is to launch the commercial distribution of the electric SUV in China in 2021 and later in other markets around the world.


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