Incredible! 87 year old man has the same car for 70 years!

This is really incredible! An 87-year-old man has been in possession of the same car for 70 years.

Vital Randall Pitman started working at a petrol station in northern Ohio at the tender age of 17. Movements and laws against child labour did not exist in 1949, especially with the planet in the Wake 2 World Wars – with the second being the blooest in the history of mankind.

Little Pitman was rewarded with 10 cents an hour, working for 8-9 hours. He didn’t even gather $1 a day. However, he managed to collect 50 dollars to buy his first car. A Ford Model T piquled Its interest in an auction, however it was willing to allocate the 40 of $50.

The auctioneer, on the contrary, did not share the sensitivities of a kid, asking for 50 adamant. Pitman finally bent and “broke” the piggy bank, acquiring his historic car “Blue oval”.

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Since then he has not betrayed his first love, remaining until today the only one. The car is not enclosed in a garage, but it is used regularly and in some cases going through disproportionately long distances for the age of the car, but of its driver.

This grandfather is truly incredible!

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