Infiniti uses Space technology in car seats

Infiniti, which is a subsidiary of Nissan and a luxury brand, puts space technology inside its cars.

The calendar showed June 20, 1969 when Apollo 11 landed on the moon. Until today this great step or rather a leap of mankind is still responsible for a number of important innovations that can even improve our health.

For example, memory foam mattresses, which were developed by an engineer who worked on the Apollo 11 control unit retrieval system. The memory foam was placed in the seats of NASA aircraft and aimed to increase the likelihood of survival of the astronauts in the event of a collision.

This security innovation today helps millions of people sleep better at night. At the same time it helped Infiniti to develop the zero gravity seats, which are found in the models QX50 and Q60.

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What they do is reproduce the experience that astronauts feel in zero-gravity conditions. The design of the seats focuses on the neutral position of the spine that the human body receives when it is in a state of gravity, according to NASA standards, a natural posture that exerts minimal pressure on the bones and joints. Thus, driving becomes more comfortable and relaxing, while physical fatigue decreases considerably.


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