Rivian R1T electric motors makes pickup like a tank

To date we have seen several of the possibilities of Rivian R1T electric, such as the built-in kitchen for camping and the support of vehicle-to-vehicle charging. However, we never imagined he could move as a tank. Rivian R1T is equipped with four electric motors with power 147kW each.

The total power of the electric pickup truck is formed at different levels through the gearbox, and ranges between 300kW and 562kW. This system gives Rivian the incredible ability to control the torque, using it appropriately and to steer the Rivian R1T like a tank.

R1T electric

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Auto Vision created a CGI video that showed how this feature could work in Rivian R1T. This video was removed from YouTube, and a little later leaked another official video which advertises that function.

Rivian acted immediately and removed this video from YouTube. However, in the following GIF file that has a low resolution you can get a first glimpse of the capabilities of the system.


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