The next Cagiva Elefant may be fully electric

Timur Serdarov announced the re-activation of Cagiva where in essence the Russian is the owner of MV Agusta, since the Black Ocean Investment Company of which owns it, has strengthened the company of Giovanni Castiglioni with 50 million Euro.

Castiglioni is now the president of MV Agusta and collaborates with Serdarov to re-make the Italian company the leading actress. Serdarov in a recent interview said that their goal is to re-activation of Cagiva. Of the company founded in 1950 by Claudio Castiglioni.

Following the developments and wanting to differentiate the MV Agusta from Cagiva, they intend to present in the international motorcycle exhibitions at the end of 2019, a range of electric motorcycles with the brand of Cagiva.

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The Russian did not exclude the possibility of seeing even electric Cagiva Elefant, the on off of the company that wrote Golden pages in the history of the brand, earning even Rally Dakar (1990 & 1994). The information left by the company to seep speak of a series of easy to use, daily motorcycles, with an affordable price and Italian design.


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