New Volkswagen e-Crafter comes to overturn the data in the market of commercial vehicles. It is an electrically powered professional vehicle that does not discharge pollutants into the environment.

As a result, it has free access to the most stringent traffic zones in force in the centres of modern European cities, with autonomy of electrification up to 173 km (in a NEDC circle).

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In order to evolve the E-Crafter, Volkswagen commercial vehicles evaluated 210,000 driving profiles from more than 1,500 customers. This study showed that the majority of drivers travelled daily with their van 70-100 km. This item was taken seriously in order for the new e-Crafter to meet everyday needs by offering top-notch practicality.

The e-Crafter was designed in the first place to have an optimally fitted electric drive system. A typical example is the saving of space by placing the lithium-ion battery in the lower part of the vehicle. In this way we achieve the full utilization of the load capacity of 10.7 sqm and the height of 2,590 mm.

The electric motor of the E-Crafter is integrated in the front part. It delivers 136 horsepower (100 kW) of maximum power and torque of 290 Nm. The power is transferred to the front wheels through an automatic single-relationship box designed specifically for commercial vehicles.

Volkswagen e-Crafter

The e-Crafter offers a great deal of convenience when it comes to charging. In a DC charging station with a power of 40 kW, its battery reaches 80% of its capacity in just 45 minutes while on a power charger of 7.2 kW, it is charged at 100% within 5 hours and 20 minutes – for example at night , at the premises of the company.

Like all Crafter, the framework of the new model is manufactured at the Volkswagen factory in Września (Poland). The final assembly of the electrical components takes place at the basic factory of the brand in Hanover.

Volkswagen e-Crafter


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