Until now, Domino’s Pizza has launched distribution programs with drones, autonomous robotic vehicles, conventional bicycles and autonomous Nuro R2 vehicles. Of course, since these are pilot projects, the well-known food chain continues to use predominantly conventional petrol-powered cars.

Domino's Pizza

Since electric bicycles and scooters have begun to acquire greater potential, they are the ideal solution for reducing pollutants. They can also be used both in personal movements and in commercial services. That’s why Domino’s Pizza started a pilot program for distributing pizza with electric bicycles.

Domino's Pizza

The trials took place in a wide variety of different markets, from Texas to New York. The company found that the use of electric bicycles reduced the delivery times thus increasing customer satisfaction. In addition, there was a respectable profit due to the non-use of fuels.

The electric bicycles used by Domino’s Pizza are modified versions of RadCity Step-Thru by Rad Power. The company made sure to modify the bicycles appropriately to meet the needs of the drivers and to facilitate the delivery of pizza.


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