Amazon electric trucks

Amazon is expanding its fleet of electric trucks with a new VAN where it will be produced by electric vehicle company Rivian.

It seems that Amazon was impressed from the activities of Rivian and revealed the third electric vehicle of Rivian, which will be built for the world’s largest company from the sale of goods and services. Almost $5 billion invests Amazon in electric vans which will produce the startup Rivian and will start circulating the streets from 2021.

The CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, announced that Rivian received 700 million American dollars from the online retailer to take over the construction of 100,000 electric trucks. This investment is surprising because Rivian was not even mentioned in the fact that it plans to build electric trucks.

Amazon electric trucks

According to the images, it appears to be a full-size commercial delivery truck with a large wheelbase. The Rivian did not reveal more about the specs and features of the electric van that is preparing for Amazon. However, they are expected to announce more details in the coming days.

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It is unclear whether Rivian manufactures the new vehicle only for Amazon, which is an important investor for the company or whether it will be available to other commercial or individual customers. Anyway, Rivan will take several years to complete the construction of so many thousands of electric vehicles.

Rivian has a particularly large factory in Illinois in which it produces its own electric vehicles that will be released in 2021. However, Bezos said the deliveries of electric trucks would start as soon as 2021 and should be completed by 2024.


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