Electric Mercedes Vision EQS offers 700 km range

electric Mercedes Vision EQS presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show will be the most advanced in the history of the brand, which will enter the production in 2021. This is another EV that will be found against the local markets the Tesla Model S, the new and purely electric powered Jaguar XJ and the Audi e-tron GT.

The production version of EQS will be 4-door and placed on the market next to the S-Class constituting the fourth in line of the EQ family after EQC, EQS and EQB. Typical of Mercedes’s intentions is the assurance of the President of the company, Ola Kallenius, that by 2022 “Mercedes will have presented at least 10 purely electric-powered models“.

EQS is equipped with two electric motors, each one being installed on each axle, having the ability to torque even on a wheel, thanks to the torque vectoring system it incorporates. The combined power of the two electric motors is 350 kW, i.e. about 476 horsepower, and the torque at 760 Nm.

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These numbers ensure acceleration from a stop up to the first 100 km/h at a time of 4.5 sec and a final speed of 200 km/h.  The prototype is able to welcome a battery with dynamic up to 100 kWh, ensuring a drive autonomy that can reach 700 km, according to the current Mercedes calculations.

For the time being, the fully electric Mercedes Vision EQS is capable of a level 3 autonomous movement, that is, it can be moved on its own but requires the supervision of the driver. In the future it can go up to level 4, commonly moving exclusively on its own initiative.


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