Ionity chargers

In Frankfurt Motor Show 2019, IONITY presents with a new type of chargers which can offer power up to 350 kW, but besides the increased power has other features that make it stand out. IONITY is composed for a coalition of many automakers that aims to install as more charging stations as possible.

It is the first to have a bright circle which will be called “The Halo”. It will be illuminated with a white light to act as a beacon on motorways in order for drivers to easily identify the position of the charging station, but to know at a glance if a charging position is available.¬†Another function is that when the car is connected to the charger, it will change color to show how much current is stored in the batteries.

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In addition, it has a new menu that offers more information in an easier way. The first charger of the item will be installed in Denmark in the fall, while the initial network of 400 high-power charging stations of IONITY should be completed by the end of next year.


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