New electric Mazda will be available and with Wankel motor

New electric Mazda model with the name e-TPV will be offered in one version as pure electric, while its other version will also combine battery which will work with a rotary engine, which will function as a range extender, charging the battery whenever it is needed.

The photographs of the original model that came to the public, show the body of the CX-30, with the brand representative, Yoshikazu Nagai, to mention that several electrical prototypes will be presented in the big exhibition, which will feature the “costume” of the CX-30, but will be stepping on the new Mazda platform that has evolved exclusively for electric cars.

New electric Mazda

Mr. Nagai confirmed that the car will be a “brand new model” and not just an electrically powered CX-30, without of course revealing what will be true with the exterior design of the car. What has become known about the purely electric version of the new Mazda model is that for its movement it will take care of an electric motor with a power of 141 horsepower, with a battery array of 35.5 kWh capacity.

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The new electric model is expected to start his career in the markets of Japan, China and of course Europe and the US markets will follow. The new electric model, will be the springboard for the new series of electric cars of the Japanese brand.


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