Official : New Volkswagen ID.3 unveiled

The most important model of Volkswagen after the Golf and the Beetle was unveiled by the German company. This is the new Volkswagen ID.3 as revealed in the Frankfurt Motor Show and worth a look as it is the latest “hot” addition to the larger category of affordable EV.

It is the first model based on the VW Group’s MEB platform and the first benefits are visible directly. The ID.3 is just 3mm longer in length, 10mm in width and 60 mm in height from the current Golf but the wheelbase of 2,765 mm, is compared more with that of Passat and “loses” with a difference of 21 millimeters.

New Volkswagen ID.3

The proportions are due to the transition to electromobility and more specifically, to the batteries and the fact that the drive shaft is the rear that allowed the designers to stay very close to the prototype. There is the lowering of the center of gravity and the optimum distribution of the masses that give the ID.3 “Predictable handling” and “exceptional performance” despite the weight of 1,700 + kg.

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ID.3 will be available in 3 versions: one with the battery of 45 kWh offering autonomy of 330 km and 150 horses and two with 204 horsepower and the battery of either 58 kWh with up to 420 km of autonomy, either of 77 kWh and up to 550 km of autonomy , all however, with 310 Nm of torque.

The first, “basic” version is not expected to cost less than €30,000! These versions are also differentiated in terms of charging the batteries, with the medium version offering a capacity of 100 kW, thanks to which it charges the battery for 250 km in just 30 minutes.

The entry-level version provides charging capacity of 50 kW (optional 100 kW) while the top one, charges at 125 kW while Volkswagen guarantees optimum battery function for 8 years or 160,000 km. Performance did not announce the brand but confirmed that the final speed of the new model regardless of version is electronically limited to 160 km/h.

New Volkswagen ID.3

Inside we see that the instrument panel is hosted on a 10 inch screen and one large at the top of the dashboard for the entertainment and information system. All conventional buttons and controls except for electric windows and hazard have been replaced with touch.

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According to the company, new Volkswagen ID.3 sets new standards in the compact category in terms of spaciousness. Worthy of reference is both the fact that the ID. 3 will receive “over-the-air” updates i.e. wirelessly or “Internet”. Ιts first deliveries to European markets will take place at the beginning of 2020.


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