Rimac tests the passive safety of C_Two – video

In the context of rigorous testing needed the manufacturer sent the electric hypercar Rimac C_Two of 2 million euros to meet a wall. Each vehicle must meet all standards of performance, durability, reliability, and of course pass with all safety tests. The goal of RIMAC is that its cars are safe and allowed to circulate on the streets of the world.

In the video that follows from Rimac, you can see how the Croatian company is testing the passive safety of hypercar, so that it can improve further the car safety for the benefit of passengers.

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Description from YouTube channel RimacAutomobili :

The Rimac C_Two is undergoing a massive program of crash-testing alongside hundreds of other official assessments as a part of its global homologation process. We decided to bring you along on our journey, showing you everything – even the tough-to-watch crash tests

Rimac tests the passive safety of C_Two - video

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