This is new BRP electric concept vehicles

The concept models aim to give a glimpse of the potential future of BRP on land and sea, with a common denominator of electromobility. Bear in mind that BRP was the one who bought part of the bankrupt American Alta Motors, thus enabling it to accelerate the evolution of its own electric vehicles. The company presented 6 electric concept vehicles, including two, three-wheel, and a Jet Ski and a futuristic version of Ryker.

BRP concept

Ryker EV is an electric version of the company’s special three-wheel Ryker, with a considerably more advanced design, new lights, and new wheels. Remaining in the three-wheeled vehicle, the BRP showed two more concept tricycles, eCOM and TWeLVE-and the game-changer mania in electric/futuristic vehicles well holds. Here the little “e” translates to “electric”.

BRP concept

The Sea-Doo GTI is a futuristic Jet Ski

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BRP concept

TWeLVE is a Leaning Wheel tricycle, like our well-known tricycles scooter, with its design reminiscent of a lighter and more sporty Peugeot E-Metropolis concept.

BRP concept

The eCOM is promoted as an alternative for a second car, including beyond the Leaning Wheel system on the three wheels and a huge jelly that covers it all, ending at the back of it, as in the Adiva and BMW C-1.

Finally, BRP presented 2 electric scooters, e-scooter CT1 and CT2 electric bike for urban and residential use. Be careful now that while the BRP has not given any specification and no technical evidence to the public, it has nevertheless announced that electric scooters have already been tested in cities such as Paris, Madrid, San Francisco and Montreal!


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