This Tryal electric scooter has effectively simple design

The invitation of the company Rizoma accessories for the design of the future electric scooter brought to the surface very smart shapes. The winner, Erik Askin, presented a very simple scheme that borrows solutions and aesthetics from scooters and is called “Tryal”.

Erik Askin is the director of the New Deal Design School in San Francisco and managed to include in his creation a rounded, triangular body – an idea derived from scooters – with a battery pack built into its bottom.

future electric scooter

Then, place a damper on the scissors and an inverted fork on the front of the construction. The “purity” of the lines of Rizoma Tryal refers to the equivalent of the scooters, while the same is the friendlier approach that the two-wheeled to the rider holds.

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Bright colors, clean forms and distinctive features, such as the projector, the Nubian tires, the 14-inch wheels and the “non-existent” saddle, make Tryal a fun to look, and something completely different with what’s on the streets.


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