Watch Nissan Leaf 1st Gen road trip 550 km in Greece

Nissan Leaf 1st Gen with the 24 kWh Battery was the first purely electric car of mass production and relatively low cost of acquisition. In the introduction of the video we see the owner of a Volkswagen e-Up! where he will meet on the route with his friend where comes from Rhodes and carries out a road trip of 550 km from Piraeus to Kozani with a Leaf of 24 kWh.

During the trip the owner of the Nissan Leaf 24kWh mentions the amazing comfort of the Japanese electric car on the road, and reminds a much larger car. The battery of this Leaf has not been used extensively in rapid charging and is in excellent condition and it took 20 minutes to reach the charge from 12% to 80%.

Nissan Leaf 1st Gen

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Description from YouTube channel George Sinogeorgos (translated)

We had the pleasure to meet Thanos Touroura from Kozani on his crazy trip from Rhodes to Kozani with the electric car of the first generation Nissan Leaf with 24kwh battery (autonomy 150 km) aiming to travel 550 km on the road network of Greece, That is still at an early stage in the rapid-charger issue because only Ionia Odos has it all the way!

We are talking of course about his journey and the issues of electrification! We hope and expect immediate deployment of the fast-charger network!

We could see throughout his position with glimpse. It finally arrived 1 minute before me and just logged in!  And we made a stop for charging with the VW E-up!

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