Models are described as professional-use electric commuter

The official presentation of new Honda electric scooters will take place on 24 October at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019, making it clear that the big Japanese factory is aimed at electricity and professionals. A two-wheeled – Benly e – and a three-wheeled – the Gyro e – are ready to go into production.

Benly in Japan is famous, with an internal combustion engine of course, and 110cc. Specially made for professional use, wears a grill back and a front basket, has a large floor for loading and is a single seat. The prototype electric Benly we had seen months ago along with an also original electric motocross model.

new Honda scooters

It will use the removable batteries and the existing PCX Electric, the Honda Mobile Power Pack. This is an attempt by Honda to use a battery type in all of its electric, scooters, ATV, lawnmowers, etc.

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Another interesting scooter that will be presented in Tokyo will be the Gyro e where it uses the same technology as the Benly, since in essence it is the same scooter with the addition of the “box” of the two rear wheels.

We note that the Benly E has a 12-inch front and rear wheels (and drum brakes as they are accustomed to doing other professional models in Japan), while the Gyro E has a 12-inch wheel front and 8 inches back!

new Honda scooters
new Honda scooters


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