Audi : These are the 4 new electric platforms

Audi, which soon wants to have a remarkable fleet of electric cars, will have four platforms for each category of models. By 2025 it will launch more than 30 electric models, representing 40% of sales.

E-Tron is the first major SUV model based on the MLB (modular longitudinal platform) and the Gran Turismo e-tron GT concept is based on the Porsche J1 Performance platform. The most compact electric Audi will be based on the known from the VW ID. 3 Platform MEB (modular electrification platform), while the large electric will use the new PPE platform (Premium platform Electric).

Audi electric

The MEB platform is intended for the future small and medium-sized Audi models. Because it is designed exclusively for electric vehicles, it will offer compact electric motors and ion-lithium batteries of different sizes and capacities. In March 2019 Audi presented the prototype Q4 e-tron, which will be an SUV of the same class as the Q3 (length 4.59 m and wheelbase 2.76 m).

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For its large and luxurious models, Audi will use the Premium platform Electric (EPP), which has evolved in cooperation with Porsche. It has high technology and based on it will create SUV, Sportbacks, Avants and Crossovers in various versions and types. The original versions will have an electric motor front and the top will be fitted with a rear electrical motor.

Audi electric

The J1 performance platform is based on the 4-door e-tron GT concept coupe that appeared in 2018 at the Los Angeles Motor Show. This prototype model is equipped with two electric motors of 590 horsepower and 830 Nm of torque, which give it acceleration from 0-100 km/h in 3.5 sec.

Audi electric


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