Autonomous Ford Mondeo

Ford Mondeo equipped with autonomous driving equipment of Oxbotica made their appearance in London’s Stratford, for testing in complex urban environments, with the results being impress. The project of 13.6 million pounds is co-financed by the Government and the results of the first tests of the autonomous vehicles exceeded all expectations.

Oxbotica says that the tests with autonomous vehicles, where there will be passengers, will begin to take place with taxi companies in June 2020. The members of the Driven group, in collaboration with Oxbotica, of course, started testing at Oxford to see the status of the “ecosystem” around autonomous vehicles, such as possible problems with hackers, communications and the legal framework concerning these kinds of vehicles.

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The autonomous vehicles of the company are autonomous but there is a driver who is ready to take control in case of an emergency, something that had to be done only once preventively, where a minicab was cornered around a Parked truck.


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