Bollinger reveals heavy-duty electric truck and SUV

The new B1 and B2 are two heavy-duty electric vehicles with ecological conscience, which are based on the Class 3 platform developed by Bollinger Motors itself, a newly established Michigan-based company founded in 2015 by Robert Bollinger with the aim of “reinventing the trucks and not just electrifying them“.

The vehicles have all the necessary certifications so that they can legally circulate on a public road, fulfilling all the required safety standards worldwide. The frame of twin B1 and B2 is made of aluminium, while their external surfaces are designed with the aim of usability and in such a way that their replacement is easy and as less costly as possible.

heavy-duty electric

Both the 5-door SUV B1 and the pick up B2 have a suspension system that allows the height to be scaled from the ground with a minimum value of 254 mm. and a maximum of 508 mm. – In normal traffic conditions the corresponding value is formed at 381 mm.

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The suspension working space, according to the company, amounts to 254 mm, with the braking system consisting around 11.75″ discs and tyres of 285/70 R17. Bollinger announces that both models have a differential lock on both the front and rear axles. Their weight, which is “divided” by 45/55, together with four passengers, amounts to 2,359 kg, while the trailer exceeds 3.4 tonnes.

heavy-duty electric

The movement provides two electric motors – one on each axle – which yield a power of 614 horsepower and a torque exceeding 900 Nm in combination with a two-gear (High/Low) gearbox. The US company says that B1 and B2 are able to accelerate from stop to the first 96 km/h to 4.5 sec. with their final speed to exceed 160 km/h.

heavy-duty electric


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