Electric Renault ZOE RS will replace Clio RS?

Subversive developments on the new generation of Renault Clio RS

Renault has at the moment to face a dilemma about the next generation of Clio RS, which fully reflects the image prevailing in all of the companies involved in car manufacturing. According to the British Auto Express, the new Clio will not have RS version. Ali Kassaï Koupaï, vice president of Renault who is responsible for with the products, explained :

Today, a Clio RS would need a very sophisticated technology to achieve lower CO2 levels and maintaining the level of efficiency required for such a vehicle, this additional cost, most customers could not afford it. To the now, even though we love sports cars, as our story shows, we don’t find the solution to this equation, it’s impossible. We do not see many of our competitors also making such vehicles. Indeed, in addition to the Ford Fiesta ST, the category of sports urban vehicles is deserted by new generation models.”

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For Renault, this post could get a possible version of ZOE in RS version, for which we were talking about it a few weeks ago with the launch of the new Generation ZOE, two years after presenting the concept Zoe e – sport.
We need to align with current trends, we need to invent the future of sports cars, it is the role of Renault Sport, to be innovative, Zoe, with this concept (ZOE E-Sport) is exactly what we thought. This concept has been appreciated by many people, they have loved it and want to buy it, ” the official said.

Of course, what concerns the people of the French brand is whether in this case the performance will remain constant for a long time and if the battery will offer sufficient autonomy to enable the driver to enjoy his car or make 2-3 laps in A track and should then be stopped to cool the batteries or to charge the battery.


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