EV battery with autonomy 2400 km created by private citizen

The electric car market is increasing and consumers are gradually turning to this type of vehicle. It is not ruled out that this turnaround will become easier since it seems that the inventor Trevor Jackson, who is a former Royal Navy officer of Great Britain, has built a battery that will give four times the autonomy that they feature the top class models.

Trevor Jackson was able to invent a battery for electric cars that would give them autonomy of 2400 kilometres, with a million pound agreement to build the battery on a large scale in Great Britain, to be a fact. The remarkable thing about this particular battery is that it can be used not only in electric cars, but in buses and even planes.

The agreement between Trevor Jackson and the company Austin Electric is expected to bring the battery into cars from the new Year, something which is expected with particular interest. The inventor said that he has been trying to accomplish this venture for many years, but the automakers have put obstacles in the right to succeed.

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His invention is based on the production of electrical energy by putting clay in an electrolyte and unlike the past, the electrolyte is no longer dangerous and toxic. He even came to the point of drinking the liquid he had made, in front of the investors of his project to prove that it is not harmful to health.


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